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The website for the The Green Book cites a number of statistics that can motive more sustainable use of personal electronics:

"Unplug your power. Ten percent of the electricity used in your home is burned by communication devices and appliances when they are turned off!" (These are sometimes referred to as "vampire devices" because they silently drain power during the night.)

"If all answering machines in U.S. homes were eventually replaced by voicemail services, the annual energy savings would total nearly two billion kilowatt hours". (The authors also remind us that answering machines turn into e-waste.)

The Seventeen magazine's You Can Help section features some of The Green Book's tips, adding:

"Compared to sending a text message [from a mobile device], e-mailing and instant messaging from a computer uses more than 30 times the electricity per message." (This assumes our computers are turned off while we are mobile texting.)

"Laptops require less materials and energy to produce than desktops and use a fraction of the electricity to run. If you choose a laptop over a desktop, you'll save an average of 220 kilowatt hours per year and about $20 on your annual electricity bill."

"If you keep each mobile phone you buy for three years instead of just 18 months, you'll effectively cut the resources needed to make a new one. If just 10 percent of cell phone users kept their next phone for three years before replacing it, an average of 5.2 million phones could be saved from disposal each year."

BTW, researching this post illustrated the challenge in sourcing the many eco-stats being tossed around.  I first read the texting statistic ("30 times") in the Jan/Feb issue of Sierra magazine, which cited Seventeen. Seventeen cited The Green Book. I'll comment on this post as I continue to track the stat.

Personal electronics

This is very interesting. I had heard once that even when your computers are turned off that they are still using electricity. This is good advice for all so that we can conserve more energy. Thanks for the post.

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