Resources for Green ICT in Education

Green ICT becoming increasingly important to sustainability initiatives at educational institutions. Here is an update on resources for that sector.

The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) supports the use of ICT in UK higher education. Its Greening ICT program reports, "It is estimated that in the sector there are one and a half million computers, 250,000 printers and 240,000 servers which collectively produce 500,000 tonnes of CO2 a year and in 2009 cost the sector around £116m in ICT related electricity bills."

The current edition of Educause Quarterly is devoted Green ICT topics, including articles about case studies in the United States and the UK.

"The Future of Higher Education and ICT" is one of the topics Canadian Bill St. Arnaud covers in his blog and accompanying email list.

Use Vertatique's "education" tag to locate posts containing information about Green ICT in education. Click here to see all our posts on this topic.

Please comment below with additional resources.

JISC - Greening ICT: Case study Queen Margaret University (October 2009)

Postgraduate Green ICT course free on-line

The web version of my book "Green Technology Strategies: Using computers and telecommunications to reduce carbon emissions" is available free on-line at:

These are the notes for the postgraduate course: Green Information Technology Strategies (COMP7310), in the Graduate Studies Select program of the Australian National University (first run July 2009):

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