Sell Your Consumer e-Waste?

Responsible consumers are finding more options available for recycling their e-waste. One innovative approach is, which offers cash for iPods, iPhones, and game consoles, including broken items. Most existing services just accept e-gagets as donations or even charge for disposal. Here's what I learned when I did a obsolete gadget sweep:

  • Samsung SCH-a670 phone - model not accepted
  • Nokia E-5165 phone - model not accepted
  • Digital camera - category not accepted
  • Portable CD Player - category not accepted
  • Bicycle computer - category not accepted
  • Radar detector - category not accepted

Someone with a more exciting e-waste collection may do better; please add a comment about your own experience. founder Brett Mosley tells me, "We will be adding 500 or so more phones in the next week or so, including the two listed." He also reports that the company intends to accept laptops within a couple of months and the website suggests digital cameras may be added.

Bottom line for now - a promising idea to promote e-gadget recycling, but needs better gadget coverage to reach beyond the broken iPod crowd. I'll update this post as the company progresses.