Sierra Club "Cool Schools" Still Falling Short on Green ICT

Our 2013 post "Too Little Focus on Green ICT in American Higher Education" looked at a number of indicators, including a Sierra Club program.

Sierra Club's 2013 10 Coolest Schools' rating system gives "...a percentage of [7] available points based on the percentage of computers purchased that are registered EPEAT Silver or Gold." Also, "Institutions earn half of [20] available points by having a program to refurbish, reuse, or recycle electronic waste generated by the school. Institutions earn half of available points for having a similar program for electronic waste generated by students." Those two account for less than 3% of the 1000 points available, so it is not surprising the Sierra Club offers only one Green ICT citation as well: American University for its "quarterly e-waste drives."

Things have not improved three years later.

The Sierra Club's 2016 scoring still gives only 7 points to EPEAT purchasing and has devalued e-waste programs to half of 2013's points. No new Green ICT criteria seems to have been added. It is not surprising that the Top 20 list has no Green ICT citations this year.

The Sierra Club's attitude notwithstanding, education around the world still embraces Green ICT.