Sustainable Real Estate Development Conference

Conference logoI presented Green ICT's contributions to sustainable real estate practices at the Sustainable Real Estate Development Conference on 30 October 2008 at UW-Madison. Here's an abstract of my remarks:

Building with Electrons: Green ICT in Commercial & Residential Development

Commercial and residential occupants are looking for buildings that are information and communications technology (ICT) capable and as well as environmentally sustainable. Green ICT offers a unique opportunity to meld the two to create attractive and responsible properties.

ICT’s carbon emissions are expected to double by the year 2020.Businesses seeking to reduce energy costs and their carbon footprint are increasingly aware of the value of buildings that offer renewable energy options, innovate cooling features, and telework infrastructures. Residential occupants focus on similar features, as well as on telecommuting and home office/business support.

Building with Electrons gives real estate professionals a business-level understanding of relevant Green ICT technologies and practices and reviews the market drivers for Green ICT buildings and building operations. Because the web is often the “first contact” for potential customers and business partners of real estate enterprises, the session will also review implementing and promoting your own Green ICT initiatives. Click here to view presentation.

The following source, background, and supplementary material is for attendees and others interested in the impact of Green ICT on real estate developement and management.