Symantec 2007 Green Data Center Report

Software maker Symantec released its 2007 Green Data Center Report in late November. Among its findings:

"Currently, only one in seven data center managers globally has implemented or has begun to implement a green data center. However, an additional 57 percent are in the discussion, planning, or trial stage, with only 29 percent not yet even considering a green data center."

"Sixty-eight percent of respondents indicated that energy efficiency was a high or critical priority in their data center. In addition, 38 percent cited reducing the use of polluting energy sources and 33 percent cited reducing the use of hazardous/toxic materials as a high or critical priority."

"One clear motivator behind greening the data center was a sense of responsibility to the community. About two-thirds of the managers surveyed cited this as an important factor. Other factors included cost reduction (44 percent), increase in efficiencies (43 percent), corporate mandates (35 percent), and client/customer requirements (24 percent)."

An audio executive summary (stream or podcast) is available.