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UK Companies Making Green Desktops

While much of the green computer focus worldwide is on laptops, UK companies are doing interesting things with desktops.

Aleutia offers low-power units that "are designed to easily connect to solar power and work in remote places." Case studies include Africa and Central Asia.

VeryPC promotes its Broadleaf desktop as "categorised as ‘Class Leader’ by DEFRA Quick Wins", "BFR, PVC and halogen free in line with ECMA-370, the environmental standard", "the only desktop PC to be endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust Recommended scheme". (More about Green ICT product standards in Europe.)

UK buyers can find green PC's through the EPEAT database. It lists 70+ UK models of desktops and workstationsw in its top 'Gold' category from six manufacturers. But users wouldn't find Aleutia or VeryPC units; neither company has registered its products with EPEAT. (See a discussion of EPEAT registration with comments by EPEAT and VeryPC.)

Products from both companies get the highest ratings from Greenopia, although Very-PC is identified as GreenPC or Green Media in the listings.

The Energy Saving Trust looks at just the energy aspect of computers. Its database lists only 3 models of desktops, all from VeryPC. VeryPC is participating in the Trust's 0% Energy-Efficiency Loans program.

Update 2010.06.09
VeryPC now offers a multi-user machine called the GreenHive GH40-T, with "Eco/Efficiency" features similar to the Broadleaf, as well as a GreenServer line. I also understand that the company has an IaaS "Cloud in a Box" product in the works. VeryPC's "Greenwash Free" position is based on following ISO 14063/2006: Environmental management — Environmental communication — Guidelines and examples.