US Recycling Rates

We've identified almost 17 billion edge devices attached to our global ICT infrastructure. It turns out that the United States has a wide range of recycling rates for the different categories of e-gear. Which is best and which is worst?

The Electronics TakeBack Coalition publishes a "Facts & Figures" document. Americans are best at recycling computers (40%), worst at recycling mobile devices (11%).

What about consumer media gear?

The Coalition puts televisions at 17%, but notes its study "did not include a large category of e?waste: TV peripherals, such as VCRs, DVD players, DVRs, cable/satellite receivers, converter boxes, game consoles." Few states require recycling of these devices, we've published which states do have laws covering consumer media devices.

("Facts & Figures" was published in February 2012 and cites 2010 data as the basis for these percentages.)