Seminar / Workshop

Green Computing: What You Need to Know to Improve Your Bottom Line


Who can benefit?

Thought leaders
executives and others seeking innovative ideas for enterprise excellence, global leadership, and an improved TBL

Stakeholder relationship managers/communicators
marketing, investor relations, human resources

business and technical

Technology managers
charged with aligning operations with enterprise TBL objectives


Do you know . . .

Servers now consume as much electricity as color TVs

Ownership costs now exceed capital costs for much technology deployment

Sustainable technology practices are cultural and regulatory requirements for effective global engagement

Participants gain practical understandings of

Green computing's contribution to the triple bottom line (TBL)

Concepts, practices, and technologies

Successful implementation

Sustainability leadership within an organization and its business ecology

Topics include

Aligning green computing with your organization's objectives

Opportunities and risks

Upstream /downstream approaches

Going green on desktops and in data centers

Reducing energy consumption, CO@e emissions & toxic substances / managing e-waste

Evidence-based sustainability: baselines, goals, milestones, and benchmarks

Best practices, key technologies, & future directions

Modules for media, medical/scientific, and/or consumer/personal

(Format customized to your requirements)

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