Webinar: Energy Efficiency in the Data Center

Cisco Systems will be contributing to advancing Green ICT awareness with a webinar titled "Energy Efficiency in the Data Center" beginning 21 August. Planned topics include data center design, energy metrics, and perspectives from both IT and facilities specialists. You can see an 3 minute preview on YouTube now, then register for the full 60 minute version. Cisco has invited me to preview the full program; I'll add my review as a comment to this post as soon as I do.

Cisco Webinar Review

Plenty of steak in this video after the first five minutes of sizzle. But the opening does contain some powerful stats and other motivators for viewers new to the green data center world.

Some of the new (to me) concepts:
- 1u server puts out the same annual emissions as a 15K miles/year Camry
- hot lane / cold lane cooling
- the history of constraints
- collapsing SAN islands

Also, it sounds like the webinar makes good use of online media's flexibility to include key interview segments in main webinar while posting links to the full interviews in the notes section. (I could not verify this in my preview version.)

Check it out.

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